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We are an advertising specialties and promotional products business whose goal it is to promote your organization through the use of creative marketing ideas utilizing imprinted products customized with your logo or message.  Our quality service and products will exceed your expectations.

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A-9216 Model: A-9216

Brushed aluminum desk clock and business card holder

Item size: 6(H) 4(W) 1.75(D)
Imprint area: 1.25(W) 0.75(H)
AC-13 Model: AC-13

Matte silver metal alarm clock matched perfectly with the warm natural wood base

Item size: 3.5(H) 4(W) 1.75(D)
Imprint area: 2(W) 0.5(H)
AC-15 Model: AC-15

Matte silver metal corrugated look, back with a warm wood base. The alarm clock tilts to any position

Item size: 5.5(H) 2.75(Dia)
Imprint area: 0.5(W) 1(H)
AQ-116TBL Model: AQ-116TBL

Compact travel alarm clock also features a powerful flashlight that turns on and rotates up to 180 degrees simply by pushing the button.

Item size: 3.5(H) 2(W) 1.25(D)
Imprint area: 1(W) 0.625(H)
AQ-126TRD Model: AQ-126TRD

Watch in amazement how the clock opens and uprights itself to a standing position at the touch of a button.

Item size: 3(H) 2.75(W) 0.75(D)
Imprint area: 1.5(W) 0.875(H)
AQ-133YL Model: AQ-133YL

Big digit desk clock with alarm, day date calendar, & room temperature sensor. Available in silver, yellow, red, and green.

Item size: 4.25(H) 4.25(W) .5(D)
Imprint area: 2(W) .375(H)
AQ-186TGN Model: AQ-186TGN

Desk/Travel alarm clock features a large digital clock and a secret tray compartment that is only revealed by the push of a button.

Item size: 3.75(H) 2.5(W) 2.5(D)
Imprint area: 1.75(W) 1(H)
AQ-187 Model: AQ-187

Temperature, date calendar and alarm clock with snooze. Display readout changes by rotating the blocks.

Item size: 2.5(H) 5.75(W) 0.875(D)
Imprint area: 1.75(W) 0.625(H)
AQ-189 Model: AQ-189

One item with two distinct personalities. On the one hand it is a full function touch screen calculator. On the other hand it is a big digit day/date clock with alarm which rest on a wooden base.

Item size: 3.75(H) 4.5(W) 2(D)
Imprint area: 2 (clock)/1.75 (wood base) 0.25(clock)/0.625 (Wood base)
AQ-190 Model: AQ-190

Real wood accenturates this striking multi-function alarm clock with snooze. Other features include large digit time, day/date and full month calendar.

Item size: 5(H) 6(W) 1.25(D)
Imprint area: 1.875(W) 0.75(H)
AQ-192BL Model: AQ-192BL

Mini translucent desk clock with folding stand, can be used as a pocket watch.

Citizen Movement
Water Resistant Scratch Resistant Crystal Lens
AQ-195 Model: AQ-195

Futuristic alarm clock with hygrometer for humidity and F/C temperature.

Item size: 3.75(H) 6(W) 1.5(D)
Imprint area: 1(W) 0.5(H)
AQ-197 Model: AQ-197

Weather clock includes F/C temperature and hygrometer for humiditiy measurement.

Item size: 4(H) 7.25(W) 1.5(D)
Imprint area: 1.875(W) 0.4375(H)
AQ-2002 Model: AQ-2002

This unique morph-functional zinc alloy metal travel alarm clock only reveals itself after you open it from a paper weight to a free standing alarm clock

Item size: 1.75(H) 3.5(W) 2.75(D)
Imprint area: 1.25(W) 0.75(H)
AQ-205 Model: AQ-205

This desk/bedside alarm clock includes a built-in, removable flashlight. Unit has aluminum faceplate & real wood corners.

Item size: 5.25(H) 4.875(W) 2.25(D)
Imprint area: 2(W) .625(H)


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