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We are an advertising specialties and promotional products business whose goal it is to promote your organization through the use of creative marketing ideas utilizing imprinted products customized with your logo or message.  Our quality service and products will exceed your expectations.

We offer over 500,000 products so if you don't see an item on our site, contact us.  We will meet or beat prices from any other distributor, and we will provide unprecedented customer service.  For your convenience, we accept checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
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A-05 Model: A-05

Zinc alloy metal clock folds within its square for easy storage.

Item size: 2.25(H) 2.25(W) .625(D)
Imprint area: 1.25(W) .375(H)
A-112 Model: A-112

Large face matte silver zinc alloy metal desk clock.

Item size: 5.125(H) 4(W) 2(D)
Imprint area: 2(W) .75(H)
A-115 Model: A-115

Stylish curved zinc alloy metal desk alarm clock.

Item size: 1.5(H) 2.75(W) 4.75(D)
Imprint area: 2(W) .25(H)
A-1300 Model: A-1300

Hi-tech looking desk clock with brushed & polished metal finish.

Item size: 3(H) 2.375(W) 1.25(D)
Imprint area: 1(W) .5(H)
A-142 Model: A-142

This modern desk clock alarm is made of solid zinc alloy

Item size: 2.375(H) 1.75(W) 3.75(D)
Imprint area: 1.75(W) 0.75(H)
A-149 Model: A-149

This zinc alloy metal sculpture is in fact an alarm clock with a specially coatd fluorescent dial

Item size: 1.5(H) 3.75(W) 3.25(D)
Imprint area: 0.75(W) 0.5(H)
A-152 Model: A-152

Dual time zinc alloy desk clock with alarm and separate setting clocks

Item size: 4.125(H) 2(W) 1.375(D)
Imprint area: 1.375(W) 0.4375(H)
A-2021P Model: A-2021P

Quartz analog desk clock, business card holder and a silver ball point pen smartly presented

Item size: 1(H) 6.25(W) 1.875(D)
Imprint area: 1.875(W) 0.5(H)
A-2047 Model: A-2047

Bending lines distinguish this unique, matte and polished silver heavy metal desk clock

Item size: 2.75(H) 2(W) 1(D)
Imprint area: 0.75(W) 0.375(H)
A-2048P Model: A-2048P

Gently curving silver business card holder includes a quartz analog clock and silver ball point pen

Item size: 1.5(H) 5.5(W) 1.5(D)
Imprint area: 1.5(W) 0.5(H)
A-304 Model: A-304

Matte black desk clock with silver hands. Clock case tilts for easy readability

Item size: 4.75(H) 5.125(W) 1.625(D)
Imprint area: 2.5(W) 0.75(H)
A-3164 Model: A-3164

Metal desk clock has lustrous polished clock with matte design case

Item size: 2.75(H) 2(W) 0.875(D)
Imprint area: 1(W) 0.5(H)
A-3172 Model: A-3172

Amazing design all comes together in this polished chrome metal masterpiece

Item size: 2.75(H) 2(W) 1(D)
Imprint area: 0.75(W) 0.375(H)
A-330 Model: A-330

Zinc alloy clock features dual time, alarm and F/C temperature in a unique digital/liner format and traditional format.

Item size: 3(H) 5(W) 1(D)
Imprint area: 2(W) 0.5(H)
A-35G Model: A-35G

Arched acrylic desk clock, clean design supported by two plated brass peg legs.

Item size: 6.125(H) 4.125(W) 2.125(D)
Imprint area: 2.5(W) 1.25(H)
A-37 Model: A-37

Attractive wooden desk clock with silver trim. Imprint on the clock dial.

Item size: 5.5(H) 4.625(W) 1.5(D)
Imprint area: 1.5(W) 1.5 Dia. On dial/1 on base


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