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A-586BK Model: A-586BK

Analog world time clock with automatic world time keeping movement. Set it and forget it.

• Item size: 6.5(H) × 3.125(W) × 1.375(D)
• Imprint area: 3(W) × 1.375(H)
AQ-222YL Model: AQ-222YL

Touch screen calculator, calendar, two currency converter, 3 alarms, stopwatch, world time, countdown timer and day counter. Comes with a built in stylus.

• Item size: 4.625(H) × 2.875(W) × 0.375(D)
• Imprint area: 1.5(W) × 0.75(H)
AQ-243 Model: AQ-243

Multi-Use Wonder feature clock with 12 or 24 hour format, 200 year digital calendar, travel alarm, calculator, 16 cities world time.

• Item size: 5.5(H) × 4.5(W) × 1(D)
• Imprint area: 1.75(W) × 1.75(H)
AQ-260 Model: AQ-260

Data bank with 12 digit calculator, 32 city world time, daylight savings, travel alarm, and calendar with blinking date.

• Item size: 2.5(H) × 4.25(W) × 0.75(D)
• Imprint area: 1.75(W) × 1.25(H)
AQ-261 Model: AQ-261

This data bank has world time, alarm, 12-digit calculator, currency & metric converters, flashing date calendar.

• Item size: 3(H) × 4.5(W) × 0.625(D)
• Imprint area: 2.5(W) × 1.25(H)
AQ-268 Model: AQ-268

Powerful databank, 12-digit calculator, 32 city world time clock and a travel alarm and calendar with blinking date.

• Item size: 3.75(H) × 2.375(W) × 0.625(D)
• Imprint area: 1.5(W) × 1.5(H)
AQ-291OR Model: AQ-291OR

Touch screen calculator, calendar, two currency converter, 3 alarms, stopwatch, worldtime, countdown timer and day counter. Comes with a built in stylus.

• Item size: 4.5(H) × 2.375(W) × 0.5(D)
• Imprint area: 1.125(W) × 0.5(H)
AQ-320 Model: AQ-320

Unravel its secrets and you’ll find it has a 12-digit calculator, travel alarm, 20-city world time, 2 currency converters and a temperature sensor.

• Item size: 5.125(H) × 5.125(W) × .25(D)
• Imprint area: 2(W) × 1.125(H)
AQ-373BK Model: AQ-373BK

The only travel clock to take anywhere in the world. Unique 2 city time display with Internet time display,32 city world time,200 year calendar,12 digit calculator,travel alarm with snooze, currency converter. City names can be customized.

• Item size: 2.9375(H) × 3.9375(W) × 0.5625(D)
• Imprint area: 3.875(W) × 2.625(H)
AQ-712 Model: AQ-712

Includes a calculator, alarm clock, 32 city world time, calendar, 99-hour count timer, event day count down program and two currency converters.

• Item size: 3.75(H) × 2.375(W) × 0.5(D)
• Imprint area: 1.75(W) × 0.25(H)
AQ-769 Model: AQ-769

Aluminum databank has five money & metric conversions, 32 city world time, alarm with schedule, 12-digit calculator and flashing date calendar.

• Item size: 4(H) × 2.75(W) × 3(D)
• Imprint area: 1(W) × 0.25(H)
WC-220S Model: WC-220S

Calendar, world time, travel alarm and calculator. So many features in such a compact unit.

• Item size: 3.75(H) × 2.5(W) × 0.5(D)
• Imprint area: 1.5(W) × 1.25(H)
WC-221 Model: WC-221

Calendar, world time, travel alarm and calculator. New leatherette finish.

• Item size: 4(H) × 3(W) × 0.5(D)
• Imprint area: 2(W) × 1.75(H)
WC-254BLUE Model: WC-254BLUE

Amazingly thin, this brushed aluminum piece features a calculator, travel alarm, 16 city world time and a month/date calendar. Includes a see-thru clear protective case.

• Item size: 5(H) × 2.125(W) × 0.25(D)
• Imprint area: 1.375(W) × 0.5(H)


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