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We are an advertising specialties and promotional products business whose goal it is to promote your organization through the use of creative marketing ideas utilizing imprinted products customized with your logo or message.  Our quality service and products will exceed your expectations.

We offer over 500,000 products so if you don't see an item on our site, contact us.  We will meet or beat prices from any other distributor, and we will provide unprecedented customer service.  For your convenience, we accept checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
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These CDs are more than a business card, they are a presentation that your clients are guaranteed to watch simply due to its uniqueness.  They come in may different shapes, and we can even custom make a shape for you.  There are many possibilities for packaging as well including jewel cases, sleeves, mailers, and custom options as well.  DVD media is also available.  Basically, with this CD, you pick a shape, imprint your business card/logo/message on the top, and then place a presentation in the CD (when your clients place the CD in their computer, the presentation will automatically start).  We can also help you produce a custom presentation that will be placed on the CD.  Please contact us for more information.

The Oval CD is the most common shaped CD in the United States. It is also referred to as a hockey rink or business card CD. Its rounded edges stabilize the CD in the 80mm tray of the CD Rom Drive. The compact size and ease of insertion makes this an excellent tradeshow handout. Most multimedia presentations can fit on this CD. It can normally play about 4-6 minutes of video.
Business Card CDs combine the convenience of a business card and the power of a multimedia presentation into one card. Why limit yourself to a name and a phone number when you can electronically give a presentation on your entire business?

The business card shaped CD is our best selling product, and has been used by companies around the world to introduce new products, services and personnel. Perfect for distributing software and highly effective in driving traffic to websites. Imagine what it can do for you and your company!


Shaped CDs add impact to your message and strongly position your company as a leader and innovator in your field. We can create a CD from just about any shape you want. Use your logo, the shape of your product or a custom shape you design. Custom shapes catch and hold your customers attention. Your CD could become a sought-after collectable! Just take a look at the possibilities.

Ticket CDs take center stage at any special event. Ticket CDs give the ticket buyer an interactive experience they'll never forget. Perfect for sporting events, concerts, trade shows or any other special event with controlled access points. Ticket CDs are used for admission to a concert, opening ceremony, or any other event that requires a ticket.

Just like a regular ticket, the tab on the side can be snapped off upon entry. After the concert or ceremony the customer will take the ticket home and view the message. The CDs can have information about the event, online shopping, sponsor information, games, music and Internet links.

Ticket CDs are a counterfeit proof and unique souvenir that people will keep for years. (Imagine a promotional piece that consumers willingly pay money to get, show off to their friends and keep for years. Talk about increased name recognition and stretching your advertising dollar).

Consider the possibility of the Ticket CD and a Prepaid CD solution on the same CD. That's powerful, give the ticket holder FREE MONEY to spend on a shopping site after the concert or event is over. Take the action home on a Ticket CD!

E-Commerce Solution
Ever felt hesitant about using your credit card online? Ever wanted a payment method that gave you greater control of how you spend on the Internet? Ever wished that your card could be used almost anywhere you go and not just at commercial outlets?

What you need is a solution, that makes use of existing technology, and is prevalent in almost every business and every household. The CD Rom has become a universal platform. What you need is a system that allows you to choose the amount that you spend and is flexible at the same time. What you need is a pre-paid system, but no ordinary prepaid system.

Use this prepaid card as a way to lure customers to your site! It is essentially a secure coupon. Imagine playing your multimedia commercial and then allowing the customer to shop on your website that takes the prepaid wallet form of payment. Turn lookers into shoppers. By putting a small amount of money on the card you can create a Self Liquidating Offer (SLO) allowing you to make up the costs of the card on the shipping and handling.

Membership Card / Calling Card

Want secure access and the ability to control user settings? You need a member CD solution. Create a CD as your organization's new access key. The member solution allows a user to insert their card to securely interface with their company's website.

Another creative use of the CD is as a calling card or as a travel card.

The mini round CD is a smaller version of a traditional round CD. It offers more portability than a traditional CD but lacks the capacity of the traditional 120mm CDs. The mini round CD can hold as much as 180MB.
Record your own information on these blank CDs. Put your website, video, flash or catalog content on a CD-R and distribute to your client base. Great for small quantities.


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