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We are an advertising specialties and promotional products business whose goal it is to promote your organization through the use of creative marketing ideas utilizing imprinted products customized with your logo or message.  Our quality service and products will exceed your expectations.

We offer over 500,000 products so if you don't see an item on our site, contact us.  We will meet or beat prices from any other distributor, and we will provide unprecedented customer service.  For your convenience, we accept checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
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Balsa Glider Balsa Glider
  • Wing Span: 8"
  • Imprint Area: 1 1/4" x 7"
  • 8” wing span (20.32 cm). Can be flown indoors or outdoors. A perfectly proportioned glider designed for maximum flyability. All parts smoothly machined – no die-cut parts. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag
Balsa Glider  
  • Wing Span: 9"
  • Imprint Area: 1¾" x 8"
  • 9” wing span (22.86 cm). A sleek “air superiority” flyer with printed tail surfaces and pilot canopy. Easy to loop and soar. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag
Balsa Glider  
  • Wing Span: 8"
  • Imprint Area: 1 1/4" x 7"
  • 8” wing span (20.32 cm). Of all easy-to-fly balsa gliders, none appeals to a youngster like a looping, diving “double-winger”. The two wings are quickly assembled with plastic wing connectors that are molded with a correct forward wing stager. Extremely light, the 46-1 biplane glider is safe to fly indoors or outdoors.. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag
Balsa Motorplane Balsa Motorplane
  • Wing Span: 12"
  • Imprint Area: 1¾" x 11"
  • The newest addition to our balsa airplane advertising line is this exciting propeller motorplane. Complete with a durable propeller and elastic motor.
Logo Jet  Logo Jet
  • Wing Span: 6½"
  • mprint Area: 4" x 7"
  • LOGO JET is a perfect low cost foam glider with a large 6¾" wingspan. Great piece for direct mailing.
Stealth Saucer Stealth Saucer
  • Wing Span: 5½" dia.
  • Imprint Area: 6" x 7"
  • This unique foam glider has a 5½" diameter wing available for your special message. Designed for direct mail.
Logo Biplane Logo Biplane
  • Wing Span: 7½"
  • Imprint Area: 5" x 11¾"
  • LOGO BIPLANE is the "attention getter" of foam gliders with two 7½" wings and a 6½" long body.
DC-10 DC-10
  • Wing Span: 8½"
  • Imprint Area: 5" x 11¾"
  • DC-10 One of our most popular foam glider with a 8½" wingspan comes with a die cut stand.

DC-9 also available

Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747-300
  • Wing Span: 8½"
  • Imprint Area: 6" x 11.6"
  • This "Jumbo" jet is an eye catching glider with a swept wingspan of 8½", also a display stand.

Boeing 737, Boeing 727, Boeing 757, Boeing 767-300, and Boeing 777 also available.

Space Shuttle Space Shuttle
  • Wing Span: 4½"
  • Imprint Area: 6" x 7"
  • SPACE SHUTTLE has a recognizable design with a 4½" wingspan.


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